mini excavator fits through gates

Ultra Compact Mini Excavator

Spacious comfortable and more productive, yet it fits in the tightest spaces. The K008-3 sets the standard for ultra-compact excavators.

To enable passage through narrow spaces such as doorways and gates, the adjustable width track frame can reduce the k008-3’s track width down to 700mm by simply operating a single lever, plus changing the blade width is as easy as removing one pin by hand.

Equipped with a pedal operated boom with a swing angle of up to 60 degrees, the k008-3 lets you dig a straight line trench along any wall.

Excavator Specifications

Machine Width
Machine width is 700mm width with tracks withdrawn and 825mm width with tracks extended. The tracks must be extended while working.
Machine Height
With a folding, removable rollcage this machine becomes just 1.60m tall.
Supplied Buckets
600mm mud bucket, 350mm gp bucket, 200mm trenching bucket.
Digging Depth
Adjustable Blade
Easily move sand around with the height adjustable 860mm blade.

We can deliver the excavator to you or you can pick it up. We can also supply an operator if you prefer!